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  • Taipan VenomTaipan Venom
  • Devil's DeliriumDevil's Delirium
  • Scorpion StrikeScorpion Strike
  • Echidna PrickleEchidna Prickle
  • Kookaburra KackleKookaburra Kackle
  • Todd River DustTodd River Dust
  • Numbat NibbleNumbat Nibble
  • Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams
  • Kangaroo PunchKangaroo Punch
  • Bilbies BummerBilbies Bummer
  • Outback StormOutback Storm
  • Funnelweb BiteFunnelweb Bite
  • Fiery Frillneck HissFiery Frillneck Hiss
  • Cranky Croc ChocCranky Croc Choc
  • Morning AfterburnMorning Afterburn
  • Dragon's BloodDragon's Blood
  • Double TroubleDouble Trouble
  • Turbo SuperchargeTurbo Supercharge