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BULK Paste Red HOT Habanero Chillies

BULK Paste Red HOT Habanero Chillies
Heat: 11 / 10

BULK Hot Paste Habanero Chillies

THIS PRODUCT is great as a base for making your own Sauces, Home made pies, Beef Jerky, Sausages and Biltong!!!

Heat: 11/10

Ingredients: Habanero CHILLIES (80%),Vinegar.

serving suggestion:

Check out our  You Tube Videos we have one for the Habanero chilli as well...

This is Max and he is trying to be brave!! Well done Max..He has a spicy taste of an extremely hot chocolate Habanero!! Quick more youghurt....

Product Nutrition

Number of Servings per Jar
Serving Size
 Ave per ServeAve per 100ml
Fat, Total
- Saturated
- Sugars

2 Litre: $89.00
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