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Habanero YELLOW Jelly Bean Chilli

Chilli Seeds 20 per pack
Heat: 10++ / 10 (Extreme)

Habanero YELLOW Jelly Bean Chilli

Originally from Peru, the Yellow Jelly Bean Habanero is a lovely & rare variety that is hard to come by. AKA Yellow Fire, Cumani, Charapita, Charapilla and Tet(t)inas de Monk chilli / chili / chile / pepper

The heat level of this chilli is very hot. Even if smaller than most of the habaneros, the Yellow Jelly Bean isn't less hot ! We rate it a 10++ just like other habaneros as it’s rated around 350,000 SHU.

The chilli pods go Yellow / Orange when mature and its shaped like a birds eye chilli hence sometimes confused with or called birds eye chilli….

The plant is very high yielding bushy pepper plant with the Yellow coloured pods. Small in size approximate 6 – 7 mm only. The plant will stay small between 30 – 45 cm high. Perfect to keep in a pot!

It will give you a lot of fruits during the chilli season, which lasts approximate 4 to 6 months depending on where you grow them and the weather conditions.

Belongs to the Genus and species of Capsicum Chinense

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Pack of 20: $10.00
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