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Purchasing from our website is simple. You can purchase directly from this page by selecting the size of jar you require from the selection box and clicking the Buy Now button. Or you can find out more about each product by clicking on the photo and purchasing direct from the product page.

You can view the products in different ordering by selecting from the Sort By dropdown box at the top.

If you wish to add multiple items to your shopping cart in one go, click the Bulk Ordering link at the top of the page. This will refresh the page in a different format where you can select the size and enter the quantity next to the relevant product. Click the Buy All button at the top or bottom to add your products to the shopping cart.

If you prefer to order by Mail Order you can download our mail order form by clicking on the picture in the right column. If you would rather purchase from one of the many shops stocking our products, you can find the nearest shop on our Outlets page.

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Send an electronic gift voucher to anyone in the world and they can spend it in our online shop.

Our NEW gift vouchers are perfect for that special occasion. The gift voucher is sent via email as a pdf file. It can be sent directly to the receiver attached to an email, or send it to yourself so you can print it out to gift or post to your loved one.

Gift Vouchers can be spent online when checking out from The Chilli Factory website, or in person at our Head Office in Morriset.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased to any value from $20 and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

We ship anywhere in the world!

All overseas customers: please check our International Outlets overview to locate your local distributor. If not possible to order locally in your own country we are more than happy to freight directly from Australia to your frontdoor offcourse...

We have 2 Litre packs of most of the flavours available as well. These 2 litre packs will save you on average 35 -45% compared to the smaller packaging. However the shelf live of the 2 Litre packs are on average 6 - 9 months instead of the usual 18 - 24 months!! (Due to the packaging glass for the "normal" packaging versus Plastic for the hospitality packaging)

No power at the Chilli Factory today!

Dear customer,

Due to an upgrade to the power supply network here in Morisset we have no power today!

AND with the new NBN this means no phonelines either!!

In any case you need to contact us??!!

Please e-mail to or call to 0405 450 347

Sorry for any inconvenience!

The Chilli Factory

Note: All prices are in Australian dollars.

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