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Specials Wholesale Enquiries

Shop, Market or Distributor Enquiry?

Would you like to become a reseller or distributor of our multiple award-winning products? We are always looking for more points of sale to resell our products and offer some great wholesale deals. Please contact us through e-mail or call us at the office.

  • Most products are sold at: Gourmet-, Delicatessen-, Butcher-, Gift-, and Vegetable shops & BBQ Galore Australia Wide!
  • Also available at the various growers markets and fine food markets Australia Wide
  • FREE Marketing Material is available! A4 laminated posters/Brochures product list/plastic bags
  • We do NOT sell in any major supermarket like: Coles, Woolworth or Aldi NEVER EVER!!
  • Only independent supermarkets and shops:  like IGA, BBQ Galore, Gourmet-, Delicatessen-, Butcher-, Gift-, and Vegetable shops et cetera.
  • Remember: we are a 100% Australian Grown, Made and Owned company and NOT made in China for a change!!

Just so you know: ALL pricing on our website is RETAIL pricing!

Wholesale pricing will not show up until we have created a wholesale account for you after we have received information as stated below.
Please provide us with correct information so we can send you the wholesale pricing.

* Shop-owners and distributors that supply shops
Please provide us with background details of your current shop or the distribution run you own/manage:
- Shop name / business name
- ABN number
- Best contact phone number or e-mail address

* Selling at markets and shows:
Would you like to sell at markets and shows please let us know which current markets or shows you are selling at?
Or what kind of retail experience you have.
This will give us an indication of who you are….

ALL information please:
E-mail to:
Or call Alex on: 02 4973 3751
Click here for all our contact details! Contact Us

We ship anywhere in the world!

All overseas customers: please check our International Outlets overview to locate your local distributor. If not possible to order locally in your own country we are more than happy to freight directly from Australia to your frontdoor offcourse...

We have 2 Litre packs of most of the flavours available as well. These 2 litre packs will save you on average 35 -45% compared to the smaller packaging. However the shelf live of the 2 Litre packs are on average 6 - 9 months instead of the usual 18 - 24 months!! (Due to the packaging glass for the "normal" packaging versus Plastic for the hospitality packaging)

Note: All prices are in Australian dollars.

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Christmas Special 2017 25% Discount BUY 3 GET 4

We are FAST! We are Turbo Supercharged by default! We still ship up until 18th of December to get it to your door before Christmas!

click here for full details of our HOT Christmas Special

Buy Three (3) – Get Four (4)!

That’s at least 25% Discount on our regular On-Line pricing!!

Order and pay for any Mix ‘n Match 3 jars/bottles and or seeds and or Spice Packs and receive one (1) free jar/bottle or seed pack or Spice Pack of your choice.

We are FAST! We are Turbo Supercharged by default!

Turbo Supercharged deliveries

HOW to speed up your order and delivery!
We still ship up until 18th of December and if you order a small order of 3-4 units we can put it in a small bag which is faster than normal freight!

give us an authority to leave and or an address where there is someone to sign for and it is faster again as there are no hold ups! We can supply you still before Xmas unless you are in the middle of sticks or whoop whoop....

Thanks for being a loyal customer and don't forget we are a NOT made in China company but a small family AUSTRALIAN business! So enjoy our products and discount and spread the word... Because "Sharing is Caring"

If you like to thank us? Please brag and talk about the Chilli Factory, is all we ask. We are a small family business and word of mouth is our marketing team!!

We would like to welcome you to our Hot Chilli Marketing Team!!

Greetings and wishing you a spicy Christmas from the Spice Team in Morisset,

Marcel, Connie & Alex de Wit

click here for full details of our HOT Christmas Special

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Print Product List Bulk Ordering Need Help?

Purchasing from our website is simple. You can purchase directly from this page by selecting the size of jar you require from the selection box and clicking the Buy Now button. Or you can find out more about each product by clicking on the photo and purchasing direct from the product page.

You can view the products in different ordering by selecting from the Sort By dropdown box at the top.

If you wish to add multiple items to your shopping cart in one go, click the Bulk Ordering link at the top of the page. This will refresh the page in a different format where you can select the size and enter the quantity next to the relevant product. Click the Buy All button at the top or bottom to add your products to the shopping cart.

If you prefer to order by Mail Order you can download our mail order form by clicking on the picture in the right column. If you would rather purchase from one of the many shops stocking our products, you can find the nearest shop on our Outlets page.

Click For More Details on BULK PASTE HOT MIXED Chillies

Heat: 14 / 10 (Mega)

Buy Now - 1 Litre
Was $74.00 Now $40.00

Buy Now - 2 Litre
Was $120.00 Now $60.00

Click For More Details on BULK PASTE HOT MIXED Chillies

Heat: 14 / 10 (Mega)

Buy Now - 1 Litre
Was $74.00 Now $40.00

Buy Now - 2 Litre
Was $120.00 Now $60.00

Click For More Details on Devil's Delirium, Jolokia Paste

Heat: 14 / 10 (Mega)

Buy Now - 100 gms $18.00
Buy Now - 2 Litre
Was $120.00 Now $60.00

Click For More Details on Kookaburra Kackle

Heat: 1 / 10

1 Litre Out of Stock

Buy Now - 190 gms $8.00
Buy Now - 2 Litre
Was $43.00 Now $15.00


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