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Trinidad 7 Pod Bubblegum Cross Naglah CHCOLATE

Chilli Seeds 20 per pack

14 / 10 (Mega)
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Trinidad 7 Pod Bubblegum Cross Naglah CHOCOLATE

The heat level in Scoville heat units for the Trinidad 7 Pod Bubblegum cross Naglah Chocolate Chilli is around the 1,200.000 Scoville Heat Units.

The Trinidad 7 Pod Bubblegum Chilli is a cross between a Trinidad Scorpion Moruga and a Trinidad 7 Pod Yellow. This cross is originally from the UK.

It looks a lot like the Trinidad Scorpion moruga but the difference and very unique thing with this variety of chillies is that the cap/crown of the chilli pod and also the stalk will turn light reddish / pinkish colour!! It looks really awesome and different to any other chilli plant!!

Then it was double crossed again ;=)) with the Naglah Chocolate

Naglah Chocolate

Originally from  the New Mexico University Pepper Institute

This wrinkled appearance cross chilli is one of the most rare hot variety

Some say the name bubblegum comes from the flavour like bubble gum some say because it is mixed colour of stem and crown that looks like bubblegum…

We think it looks awesome and it tastes really hot and that this is a great different chilli plant in your garden to show to your friends and talk about all the different kind of chillies available!!

When fully grown the Trinidad 7 Pod Bubblegum Chilli can grow up to 90 – 110 cm high and they get bushy You should be able to get 2 KG per plant of fresh fruit during the chilli season, which lasts approximate 4 to 6 months.

Belongs to the Genus and species of Capsicum Chinense

For more information about chilli seeds:

Page on how to grow chilli seeds

Information about germination of chilli seeds

Video, which will show you how to achieve an 85% germination rate!!

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