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Aussie Gourmet BBQ Gift Box

Choose 5 x 240 mL sauces and 2 x 150 mL Superhot sauces

25 / 10 ULTRA HOT
Choose your products and get 20% off!


Please make your 7 product choices below. You can add more than 1 of the same product.

Choose 2 from our Super Hot 150ml Range
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Choose 5 from our 240ml Sauce Range
Click on a product to add it to your Aussie Gourmet BBQ Gift Box

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Aussie Gourmet BBQ Gift Box

Choose 2 of our super hot 150ml sauces and 5 of our 240ml sauces and save 20% on the price of the sauces. And you get the box FREE, normally $7.-

We hope you enjoy our new awesome Gift Box

The hot Chilli & Spice Team

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Our products have a shelf life of two years so why not stock up?

** Any of the following sauces fit:

maximum 5 times 240 mL sauce bottles

Dragons Blood, Morning Afterburn, Fiery Frillneck Hiss, Funnelweb Bite, Numbat Nibble, Todd River Dust & Echidna Prickle

Maximum 2 times 150 mL Super hot sauce bottles

Scorpion Strike “on Steroids”

and / or combo

the “normal” Scorpion Strike Sauce

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