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Dragon's Blood

Bloody Hot Stuff!! SHU 36,000

10+ / 10
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240 mL
240 mL
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Spicy! 36,000 Scoville Heat Units for this product on average including all other ingredients!

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Chilli (10%), Natural Colouring (120), Salt, Herbs & Spices

This product is not Vegan friendly due to the natural colouring (120) 

Recommended Usage

  • Good for marinating your chicken
  • Pour it over your ice cream to create that exciting hot/cold sensation!
  • Have it with your king prawns or chicken
  • Use in any vegetable stir fry
  • Great with drinks like Tequila, Bloody Mary s, Vodka or dark brown (Belgium) Beers
  • Create your own fresh hot cordial to crush that hard-earned thirst
  • Add it to your soup

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