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About Us

Yes we do sell at our warehouse at 1 Ironbark Road in Morisset but Please Call beforehand to check if we are there.... Just to make sure to avoid disappointment. Open from Monday to Friday. Call 02 4973 3751

How to get to the Chilli Factory?

The Chilli Factory is:

  • Run and operated from Morisset right at Lake Macquarie in the Lower Hunter Valley, just half an hour from Newcastle Australia. We are a family business and all the sauces and chutneys are made by Marcel de Wit who is a chef by trade and together with his wife Connie used to have a many award winning European cuisine with Asian influence restaurant at the Central Coast NSW Australia (Joel's at Avoca Beach).
  • After half a year of travelling extensively through Asia in the 80's (Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines) Marcel and his wife Connie got hooked on to chillies. That is where they picked up their love for chillies. This love for chillies is still there!
  • The Chilli Factory started in Joels restaurant as a hobby of Marcel and to create an extra income by selling a few jars on the bar in the restaurant. Customers were not only coming back for the beautiful dishes but also to re-stock their supply of chillies!
  • After a lot of experimenting and try-outs at the different markets and fairs across Australia slowly a range of beautiful gourmet sauces and chutneys were created. After plodding along with the pots and the pans cooking for his customers and in his spare time filling the jars, hand package them and sell them at markets and shows Marcel & Connie decided that after cooking for so many years (23 years of stirring the pots!) it might be more fun and excitement to start a new business with the chillies. And thus The Chilli Factory was born.
  • An all 100% Australian owned and operated company already more than seven years in business.
  • All chillies are grown in Australia (Northern Queensland) we do not use any dried, powdered or imported chillies. As a company we have the policy that if we cannot make it fresh we prefer to not make it at all.
  • Our products are sold at: Gourmet, Delicatessen, Butcher & Vegetable shops, growers markets and Fine food markets.
  • We have the best gourmet chilli sauces and chutneys available in Australia, a must for your taste buds. We have won many  major awards so far and the list is still growing. Feel free to browse our website and read about our range of Chilli Products.
  • How to get to the Chilli Factory?

Our Staff

Where We Are

Our Contact Details

If you would like to send us some feedback, please do so via our Contact page

The Chilli Factory


15 113 830 747


10/10-12 George St

Leichhardt NSW 2040



+61 (0)2 4973 3751


+61 (0)2 4973 3951


Our New truck and behind all that our Office and Warehouse.

Need Help?

     Phone: +61 (0)2 4973 3751 or

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